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Continuing with my character building type of posts, today we're talking about loving your hero. (This is all from a woman's point of view here, but the same ideas apply to everyone!)

Fall in love with your hero! Like, real love people. Love every detail about your hero! Even his flaws.

If you don't love your hero, you're readers won't either. Remember that you created this guy! I don't know about you, but I put qualities into my heroes that are attractive to me. I tend to go for the bad boy types but I'm also a lover of the lost soul aka the dark brooding one.

When you're creating your hero, ask yourself a few questions. What characteristics do I like in a man? Which ones do I hate? Which ones will I tolerate? Then, craft your hero based on these answers. Be careful here when writing multiple novels or your characters will all end up the same! But, it at least gives you a place to start. Other questions to ask - What men in my life do I love and why? What men have inspired me in my life? What physical attributes are guaranteed to leave me breathless?

Drache, the hero in Burden of Prophecy, is actually not the type of guy I normally would swoon over. But, I do. He's tall (6'4), muscular, and can fly! Long hair, stormy eyes.....Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right. *ahem* His personality really sinks the deal for me as he will sacrifice everything to protect those he loves. He's a rather cheesy type of romantic which is so adorable. I honestly can say I love him. Do you love your hero this much - that you lose track of what is going on when you think about him?

This same line of thinking applies to your heroine. She's your best friend! You can confide in her and she confides in you. You know all her flaws and strengths. You love her like a sister. You laugh at the same jokes! If she were in the physical world, rather than your head, she's the one you'd take on shopping trips, lean on when you need support, and the one that makes you laugh when you want to cry.

Rosyani, the heroine in Burden of Prophecy, is my best friend for sure. In fact, her and I have long conversations that have nothing to do with the book! Her and I have the best time outlining the series or writing scenes. Her gentle and calm nature help to calm me and keep me focused when I'm writing. I try to channel her calmness on a regular basis, but many of you know that I epically fail at that! If she were in the physical world, oh the fun we would have!

What about you? What qualities do you love most about your hero? What is it about your heroine that makes her your best friend?

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J. D. Brown Says :
October 27, 2010 at 11:26 AM

*Giggles* Oh goodness, do I fit in here with Jesu and Jalmari! Though Jalmari is kinda-sorta the bad guy, I still love him! And of course I love my hero, Jesu! When I first created Jalmari and Jesu, I thought of the type of men that make me swoon! Not in the "real world" way, but in the "romantic fantasy" way. Jalmari is the "bad-boy" figure. He's all fire and temper and fierceness and mystery, but underneath, he suffers and he bottles up his deepest fears, afraid of being seen as weak. Come on, who DOESN'T love those types of men? Jesu, on the other hand, is the straight-up nice guy. He's a bad-ass dressed all in black, but he's gentile and he's not affraid to show it. He'll protect you, he'll be your best friend AND your lover. He'll be whatever you need, whenever you need it. He'll always have your back. He's the guy that buys you roses just because. He's also mysterious, but in a soft-spoken way. He's calm and rational, but he can still kick ass if anyone threatens his girl. Oh yes, I do LOVE Jesu!

Very awesome post. You know me, I think everyone should love all their characters lol.

Anastasia V. Pergakis Says :
October 27, 2010 at 1:58 PM

Yea, I love Jalmari and Jesu too. They are really great guys - and vampires too! *fans self*

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