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I got a great review for chapter one last night. Worked on it this morning. In taking out much of the stuff to weed out the unneccesay things, I apparantly took out too much. But that's okay. It was really simple to add in all the detail that was needed. Hopefully chapter one is great now! There is always room for improvement but I'm hoping it's to a point now that will not require a major overhaul again.

Reviews are really great but giving them can be hard work. I really like getting reviews that talk about more than just my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In a review, I also like to know about plot, character development, setting, etc. Is the plot good? Well written? Are the characters unique? Does the setting have enough detail? Did I tell and not show? Things like that.

So I guess this post is a "how to" for reviwing me. Yes, tell me I misspelled a word, but also mention the characters and the plot. Tell me where the holes are so I can fix them. And definately don't sugar coat! I can take the criticism (unless you are going to be all out rude).

I recently got a webcam and I am curious to know if it would be interesting for this blog to be in video form than text. What do you think? Comment and let me know!

Through the Block

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Yes! I did it! I finally got chapter five rewritten! And part way through chapter 6! *does the happy dance*

Want to know the funnies part? I took out one small scene in chapter five (remember previous post talking about being honest when editing? Yea.)- and voila, there it was! Sure, taking that scene out required a bit of tweaking for the rest of the chapter to fix the timeline and such but otherwise, once that scene was gone, the flood gates opened!

I took a short break to make this blog post but I am itching to get back to it! The imaginary writer's block exploded into a millio pieces! So, I am off to keep writing!

Writing Workshops

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I recently joined a workshop specificlly for novel writers. I was a member of this group before but had to leave when life got in the way. I am so excited to be part of this group again! I got some really great help and suggestions before and I know I'll get the same again.

I have learned that it always helps to have other eyes look at your work. When people are not emotionally connecte to something the way a writer is to their words, they will be completely honest and tell you the deal. I can easily take criticism better than being honest with myself.

I did do what I said in my previous post and went through the first few chapters, taking out scenes and paragraphs that were dragging down the story. However, I still feel it is dragging considerably. So, I printed off the first few chapters to have my husband take a look at them for me. He is an avid reader so I felt he would be a good person to go to for honest feedback.

He told me that fantasy genre stories are not his thing, but the fact that he has set down the book still makes me feel that I have totally bombed the beginning of this thing. I mean, fantasy story or not, him being my husband, I figured he would muddle through and then tell me "Hey, this is what I think." But, he's not even reading it! So - a bit of advice - don't ask your spouse to read your work. Even if they are professional editors. It's like working with your spouse in a way. Just doesn't work out too well for the fragile ego.

What I would do is find a great workshop. I love writing workshops! I have tried to run a few of my own, but again life got in the way and I could expand that dream. I hope to one day have a full website workshop for people to join for a limited (or even exended time). But, that is someday. If my blogs here take off - it might be sooner than later!

Once I get through this rewrite, I do plan to send the manuscript to my Mother. Yes a family member, but she has helped me with my work before and she is fantastic at being "non-sugar coat" when it comes to reviewing my work. I need a little tough love sometimes and she is definately the person to get it from.

So - Join a workshop. Find a no sugar coating editor (of some type). And find a soft pillow to land on to protect your ego!

It's 2010...Oh Boy

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The start of a new year. I should be excited - but alas I'm not. This time of year is supposed to be about new beginnings and making improvements to your life. So - I should be ecstatic! I have my new blogs up and running - with my wonderful invisible followers!

In an attempt to lift my mood, I am going to make a list of my "goals" for 2010. Yes, I said "goals" not "resolutions" - hopefully that will actually get me to get off my butt and DO some of the things on my list here. I made myself have at least 10, the last few were the hardest to think up!

1. Quit Smoking

2. Gain a substantial income from writing.

3. Let my husband live

4. Get my teeth fixed

5. Learn to write legibly with my left hand. (I'm ambidextrous but if writing with my left hand, it looks like a 5 year old)

6. Finish my 3 part novel "The Faery's Tale" (Read about my journey to do this here:

7. Learn to wake up before my son does. (This means waking up at like 6 or 7 in the morning by the way.)

8. Start my own business. (Doubt it'll really be this year, but I put it here to make myself get the ball rolling at least.)

9. Find some really cool layouts for this blog!

10. Write an Epic Poem. (For those that don't now, epic poems are ones like Beowulf - a huge epic thing that tells a story. Always wanted to write one of those.)

So there it is. My list of goals for 2010.

On another note, hubby built me a small little office in the dining room. Seriously - it's like my own little cubical inside our small apartment. It's the coolest thing ever! This way I can work and write without my son crawling all over me. Granted, that will only matter on days when hubby is at home and I can be at the computer all day. Otherwise, I'll only be in here during my sons nap time and after he's in bed. But still - it's the coolest thing ever! It is seriously a cubicle, so the walls are only like 4 feet high and it comes with a door! I have my own space to let my imagination run wild. Amazingly, hubby did not KILL himself building it either! He didn't get frustrated and there was no cursing! I'm so proud!

After it was built, I went on a furniture rearranging frenzy as the cubicle is now in the dining room. See, our apartment has one big room that L shapes into the dining room. So we had the "office", the living room, and our sons play area all in one room. Then in the L part, was the dining room that attached to the kitchen. So, we just moved things around for something new.

I am off to do some writing and maybe some reading. I'm sure my invisible followers will miss me!

**Originally posted on my other blog "Abyss of My Soul"**