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I recently joined a workshop specificlly for novel writers. I was a member of this group before but had to leave when life got in the way. I am so excited to be part of this group again! I got some really great help and suggestions before and I know I'll get the same again.

I have learned that it always helps to have other eyes look at your work. When people are not emotionally connecte to something the way a writer is to their words, they will be completely honest and tell you the deal. I can easily take criticism better than being honest with myself.

I did do what I said in my previous post and went through the first few chapters, taking out scenes and paragraphs that were dragging down the story. However, I still feel it is dragging considerably. So, I printed off the first few chapters to have my husband take a look at them for me. He is an avid reader so I felt he would be a good person to go to for honest feedback.

He told me that fantasy genre stories are not his thing, but the fact that he has set down the book still makes me feel that I have totally bombed the beginning of this thing. I mean, fantasy story or not, him being my husband, I figured he would muddle through and then tell me "Hey, this is what I think." But, he's not even reading it! So - a bit of advice - don't ask your spouse to read your work. Even if they are professional editors. It's like working with your spouse in a way. Just doesn't work out too well for the fragile ego.

What I would do is find a great workshop. I love writing workshops! I have tried to run a few of my own, but again life got in the way and I could expand that dream. I hope to one day have a full website workshop for people to join for a limited (or even exended time). But, that is someday. If my blogs here take off - it might be sooner than later!

Once I get through this rewrite, I do plan to send the manuscript to my Mother. Yes a family member, but she has helped me with my work before and she is fantastic at being "non-sugar coat" when it comes to reviewing my work. I need a little tough love sometimes and she is definately the person to get it from.

So - Join a workshop. Find a no sugar coating editor (of some type). And find a soft pillow to land on to protect your ego!

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