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These are a few of my favorite links that I visit pretty much every day. Some of them are directly related to writing while others may be fun things - but inspiration can be found anywhere!
Keep in mind that I'm a fantasy writer, so most of the links below are for Fantasy and Sci-fi. But I do have others for all types of writers or other genres, as I save things I come across to add to my list here. The list is also a mix of information for traditional and indie/self published authors, so you're sure to find something you're looking for no matter what type of writer you are!


Many of these sites are also great for marketing and promotion. I included them here instead of under the "Marketing" header since they are more than only marketing. Others are just great communites to meet other writers or a place to gain inspiration, readers, and fans.

Writing Tips & Advice

While many of the places listed under the general writing category have lots of advice, these links are blogs, single blog posts and other information I have found that has some great info or help for writers.

Contests & Conferences

These are a few places for writing contests and conferences. Some of these conferences are in my local area, Columbus, Georiga, and they are rather small conferences, but still fun to attend. (And I'd love to meet you if you come this way!)


This section has agents, publishers, self-publishing information, cover artists and more - basically all parts of publishing you could ever need is listed here, for easy finding on my long list here.


These are magazines I either read or thought to share as they take author submissions for short stories and/or artwork. Again, most of these are fantasy/sci-fi related. A few also do reviews.


These are sites and facebook pages where you can promote your book. Keep in mind these places each have their own rules on what you can post and when, so please make sure you read all their information before posting! Also, a few of these are marketing companies that charge fees for their services. Again, make sure you read everything before you get into anything, so you know what to expect.
If you are looking for review places, I have another list for that that you can find here: Review Links.


This section has places that can be important to your writing career - information, promotional items (like making bookmarks), and more.

Extras and Fun Stuff

As the title says, these links are some extra things you might find useful or at least give you a good laugh to keep going in this tough industry.