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I got a great review for chapter one last night. Worked on it this morning. In taking out much of the stuff to weed out the unneccesay things, I apparantly took out too much. But that's okay. It was really simple to add in all the detail that was needed. Hopefully chapter one is great now! There is always room for improvement but I'm hoping it's to a point now that will not require a major overhaul again.

Reviews are really great but giving them can be hard work. I really like getting reviews that talk about more than just my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In a review, I also like to know about plot, character development, setting, etc. Is the plot good? Well written? Are the characters unique? Does the setting have enough detail? Did I tell and not show? Things like that.

So I guess this post is a "how to" for reviwing me. Yes, tell me I misspelled a word, but also mention the characters and the plot. Tell me where the holes are so I can fix them. And definately don't sugar coat! I can take the criticism (unless you are going to be all out rude).

I recently got a webcam and I am curious to know if it would be interesting for this blog to be in video form than text. What do you think? Comment and let me know!

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Annie McMahon Says :
February 2, 2010 at 12:15 AM

Hi, Harley! I tagged you on my blog. :) You're it!

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