Guys, strip down to your skivvies!

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Today we are going to strip the boys! Woohoo! Okay, seriously we are stripping them, but not in the way you think - sorry to disappoint you!

I'm talking about archetypes for the guys in our stories. There are eight hero archetypes and eight villian archetypes. I'll go over all of these briefly today. More indepth posts will come later.


The Chief
He's the leader, obviously. Some might say he's the Alpha male type. He gets what he wants and nothing will stand in his way. Sometimes he's stand offish and unapproachable because of his drive.

The Bad Boy
He's danger and excitement. He's a survivor having lived a hard life. Doesn't trust many people and often covers his pain with anger. Visions of a bad boy often drum up a motocycle, black leather clothes, or even a cigarette in his mouth depending on your ideals.

The Lost Soul
Often the dark type of guy, mysterious. Wounded and tormented, poetic type. He's a keen observer, picking up on every detail - can't keep a secret from him. He prepares for the worst and doesn't really hope for the best. But, he is also a dreamer, always trying to find a way out of his miserable situation.

The Best Friend
The guy a girl can turn to to cry, talk, and just hang out - her rock. Everyone likes this guy and he likes everyone too - never met a stranger. He's not very assertive normally, unless in defense of his friends, but even then, he won't jump in like some of the other archetypes would.

The Charmer
An irristable man that keeps the girl guessing. He's sexy and charismatic in all ways. Persuasive and smooth, he can talk his way out of or into anything. Detached, because who knows what he's really thinking or feeling. The life of the party, but if often irresponsible.

The Professor
Nerdy type! Loves facts on top of facts. Is often vulerable with his feelings as he doesn't know how to hide them well. Usually socially inexperienced because his nose is always in a book. He doesn't make any rash decisions, instead of thinking them through. He's an expert in his field. (This little blurb might sound boring, but think, Indiana Jones is a Professor Archetype!)

The Warrior
Protect and defend - that is this guy. Not necessarily a soldier but the warrior type has the same mentally. He's very noble and courageous. He's very focused and often time stubborn. He'll hunt the villian down if it's the last thing he'll do. Very protective of the heroine (or any woman for that matter).

The Swashbuckler
Adventure! He gets a high from adventure in fact. Daring and bold, he lives in the moment. He loves life, often enjoying the "sins" that life throws at him without pause. He's fearless in the face of danger, but often unreliable. He'll latch on to one adventure and everything else goes out the window.


The Tyrant
He wants power no matter what the price. He conquers everything he sets his eye on, easily crushing his enemy under his boot. People are merely pawns to this guy, with him holding all the power pieces. He'll think nothing but to destroy you, so stear clear!

The Bastard
He can't get what he wants and so he lashes out in anger. He wants - and loves it seems - to provoke people into a fight or other actions. He doens't hide his shady dealings either, instead announces them to the world.

The Outcast
Tortured, like the hero "The Lost Soul" but this guy craves redemption and will sacrifice anyone to get it. He won't have any sympathy for you even if you give it to him.

The Traitor
A double agent, betraying anyone, even those that trust him the most. People don't see the evil in this guy! He plots and schemes the destruction of his friends even though they give him support and sympathy.

The Devil
This guy is charismatic, but watch out! He doesn't hesititate to give anyone what he thinks they deserve. His lures people to their own destruction with his charm and ability to uncover moral weaknesses in people.

The Evil Genius
He shows off his superior intelligence. Anyone inferior of mind is expendible, which basically means everyone. His trademark includes elaborate puzzles and odd experiments.

The Terroist
Bound by a warped code of honor, this guy believes in his own virture. He's self righteous and jusdges those around him wtih a strict set of laws. His sense of justice does not resemble yours and it never will. Nothing conventional in morals will stop him and the end will always justify his means.

The Sadist
This guy loves cruelty for the sake of cruelty. To this guy violence and brutality are merely games. He can play these games with much skill. He'll laugh as he tears you apart.

Which Heros and/or Villians are your favorite to read about? To write about?

6 Responses to "Guys, strip down to your skivvies!"

thevoicestoldmeto Says :
October 29, 2010 at 10:39 AM

strip me baby one more time :D

and take a look at my blog :P

it`s my beta test on my writing skills

Eric W. Trant Says :
October 29, 2010 at 1:54 PM

Holy crap. How do you come up with stuff like this?

That's a great reference list, to keep you on-track when sketching out the characters.

I prefer stronger characters, both male and female, good and evil. The Best Friend doesn't hold my interest, for example, because he is usually weak, insecure, often unmotivated and emasculated.

I love FLAWED characters. Addicts. People who make mistakes and have to live with the consequences. That kind of stuff.

And the haunted character. I love someone with a ripe and morbid past, full of suffering. Nobody with a pink-fluffy happy-happy background is interesting.

- Eric

thevoicestoldmeto Says :
October 29, 2010 at 2:32 PM

Actually that`s real life action :P

I was this "wiz-kid", then a shy guy, who became the "bad boy", who became a depressed guy, who is now "beyond good and evil" and the hell knows what.

I am kinda ashamed, so I am not using the juiciest stuff :D

So please don`t hit my narcissism button :P

I assume you are interested of more. :D

Anastasia V. Pergakis Says :
October 29, 2010 at 10:09 PM

How do I come up with stuff like this? I didn't make it up if that's what you mean LOL. I just did some research!

I like haunted and flawed characters too, because I am a haunted and flawed person myself.

The best friend is fun to write about, at least from a woman's perspective. Yes, he isn't the rugged and super manly type, but in the story (if you wrote him right), he'll step up to the plate to protect the lady he secretly loves. And plus, I've had guy best friends that were super manly and rugged, but they were always there for me when I needed to cry. *smile*


Thanks for stopping by thevoicestoldmeto!

Elizabeth Mueller Says :
October 29, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Hi, Cutie! Wow, you never ever cease to amaze me, girl. It makes me all giddy inside. I'm so honored to work with you for Fantastic Fridays!


Anastasia V. Pergakis Says :
October 30, 2010 at 12:35 AM

You're so sweet Elizabeth! Thanks! And I'm so excited about Fantastic Fridays too! Can't wait to get that going. It's gonna be so much fun!

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