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I am so happy I get to interview Charlene today! I first met her as "fancie" on, but did not really get to know her until later. We were connected by our common fantasy type novels and now rarely go a day without speaking to each other!

C: Thank you so much for having me here today.

A: So Charlene, let's start off with a little about yourself.

C:Well, I live in a small community in Arkansas with my two beautiful daughters. They’re my biggest fans and untiring giggle partners. I write paranormal romance and dabble in poetry and short stories. I love to watch people and having worked in many different settings—from bookkeeper to detention deputy—I’ve met a myriad of personalities. Some of these come out in the characters of my books.

A: I love watching people too. It really helps get those quirks and twitches into the story just right. What made you decide to become a writer?

C: I started writing in my teens. It wasn’t really a decision. I never had a moment when I thought, “I’m going to be a writer.” I just wrote because I loved it.

A: I love writing too, but I knew at a young age that it was what I was going to do for my 'career'. What inspired you to write?

C: I’d have to say my dreams inspired me to start writing. They were so vivid and the people so memorable that I had to give them life and make the worlds real.

A: I have very vivid dreams too and many of them have spurred stories or scenes. Your debut novel, Cornerstone Deep was released not too long ago. How has your life changed since you've been published?

C: I never realized how much goes into being published. I have a deeper respect for the publishing industry and those who work behind it all. Editors, executive editors, copy editors, printers, cover artists, marketers… The list seems endless. And I’m having to overcome my shyness. Lol. Being recognized by people I don’t know will take some getting used to.

A: I'll bet it will - but it's still pretty cool isn't it? So, about how long does it take you to write a book and what is your schedule like when writing?

C: The time it takes to write a book largely depends on my muse. Cornerstone Deep was written, revised, and edited in about nine months. My other series—four books—was written in about five months but I have yet to revise it all. Book one, Blessed of the Gods, is nearly completed then will undergo edits.

A: Wow. Lots of projects going on. With that in mind, do you character plot a great deal or have a detailed outline before you start writing or do you write on the fly?

C: Characters tend to introduce themselves to me. Lol. As I write their story, their identities show. I add little quirks and actions according to their personalities and they take shape.

A: It's the same with me. My characters show up and tell me their story. Do you have a critique group, and if so, what is your opinion on the help they give?

C: Yes, I had some wonderful help ironing out Cornerstone Deep. Some writers don’t care for critique groups, claiming they take away from their individual writing style. But I find having extra eyes and opinions very valuable.

A: I agree. Those extra eyes make a huge difference. What is the hardest part of writing that you've struggled with?

C: I would have to say keeping myself from intruding the story. I write in third person limited. Which means the story happens from one character’s point of view at a given time. I know what happens in the story and have to keep myself from spilling it out with narrative instead of letting the reader experience it through that character. Sometimes, for me, weaving the information into dialogue and actions is difficult.

A: Yes, I have to catch me from putting myself into the story too much. Some of my characters are 'me' in a sense, but they do have their own unique voice and quirks. Thanks so much Charlene for letting me interview you today!!

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December 20, 2010 at 6:19 PM

Thanks for having me today, Ana. I loved it! :)

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