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Today I have the honor of talking with author Charlene A. Wilson again about her debut novel Cornerstone Deep. She sent me a free autographed copy of this book and I read it in one afternoon! It grabbed me right from the first page and I couldn't put it down!

Here is the backcover blurb of the book

They outlive their loves by thousands of years. Reincarnation doesn't exist on this plane. Yet they continue to accept others for whatever time they have together. Save for Cole. His love for his last wife burns in his soul four centuries after her death.

When the service they render to the Lords of Cornerstone Deep brings him face to face with Anna, something unexpected happens. In a realm of silent souls, hers calls to him. He reponds with a kiss; one that joined with the spell of servitutde, binds her soul.

He trieds desperately to undue his wrong, despite the determination of the Lord to keep her.

This book really goes deep into true love - the ultimate love that I can only compare to stories like Romeo and Juliet and even The Princess Bride.

So Charlene, tell us how did the idea for Cornerstone Deep come to you?

As in my youth, I have vivid dreams and have to write about them. The core of Cornerstone Deep was taken directly from one of those dreams. Originally, this book was written as a short story and if you are one of those who followed my portfolio on or heard of it at, you’ll know it as The Transformation of Anna. I received so much feedback on it that I decided to let the Shilo brothers shine and this amazing spectrum of dimensions be known.

What was the inspiration for the characters Cole, Vincent, and James aka the Shilo Brothers? And Anna/Mianna? Did they appear to you in a dream too?

Yes, the three Shilo brothers came from my dream. They were ancient beings and I, or Anna in the story, feared them. As the leader, Cole, came to me, my spirit recognized him. I translated this to being an eternal soul reincarnated. Mianna and Cole were soul mates separated by her death. Though Anna didn’t recognize Cole, her soul did.

Ahh, soul mates. That is such a wonderful thing that few people get to experience. This novel is complex in its world building and character depth you put into it. How long did it take you to write Cornerstone Deep?

The whole process took about nine months before I decided to submit it to a publisher.

Only nine months? Wow. I'm impressed. Did you self-edit this or have any beta readers? How helpful were the comments?

I had some very helpful critique partners. J.D. Brown was one of them :). I found their comments invaluable.

Great critique partners is important and I'm glad you found a few that really helped. J.D. is a great crit partner as she has been very helpful with my works too. Since this is your first novel to be published, what was your experience like with the professional editor after the story was accepted?

Class Act Books has some fantastic editors. Rochelle Weber was mine. I enjoyed her insight, advice and great personality. I found it to be a wonderful experience.

That's great that you learned from the editor and were able to work together. Now, I know that you have plans to add more to this story. Give us a little preview of Echoes, the sequel to Cornerstone Deep.

Cornerstone Deep is filled with hints of what is to come. But in Echoes families are united, albeit dreadful for some, truth from the past threatens the peace Cole has found, and Lord Dressen’s revenge proves to be more dangerous than the Shilo brothers ever expected.

Oh! That sounds like another great read. I can't wait till that is out on the shelves too so I can get a copy! Will you provide an excerpt from Cornerstone Deep to post up?

I’d be happy to.

Thanks so much Charlene for being here today and yesterday! I had a lot of fun interviewing you!

It was a pleasure being here, Ana.

Head over to Class Act Books to pick up your copy of Cornerstone Deep! The excerpt is below and one of my favorite scenes! I love the detail here.

Cornerstone Deep

She stared at the forms as they overtook the narrow alley. A man led center, his companions flanking. Each unified stride caused their capes to furl with controlled motion. Their focus was on her. The bleak lamp lit their approach–a dark trio. Reapers, all of them–black hair, black eyes, black cloaks. Curfew breakers are never seen again. At that moment, she believed. Anna held her breath as if to ward off the imminent danger.

They stopped a few feet from her, and the leader stepped forward.

The other men waited.

Endless time filled her as she gazed at their resolute faces. She swallowed hard to ward off the want of air.

With graceful motion, the leader lifted his hand as if setting a butterfly free. A mist, the brilliance of snow crystalline encircled her and lingered in the air.

Anna struggled to withhold a gasp.

You have to breathe sometime.”

The voice sifted through her mind. Her lungs burned, begged for relief. Fear gripped her as she succumbed to need, and the tiny crystallites flowed past her lips.

The taste of divinity touched her senses, and the promise of bliss sang in her mind. The invitation was overwhelming, irresistible. A wave of serenity coated her emotions.

She met his gaze.

A small smile touched his coal eyes. It penetrated her soul. Opposition dissolved.

He inhaled the sparkling mist and leaned close. Cradling her face in his hands, he touched his lips to hers. They were warm and seductive, unexpectedly tender. The aroma of licorice and cream flowed through her. She accepted his attention, intoxicated by the offering. In a gentle motion, she felt the loving caress of his tongue on hers. Eternity echoed in her heart.

With a breath, the magic spell filled her. Heat steamed her lungs and filtered throughout her body. Every wave carried with it memories; the last words of her father, the aged photo of her mother she clung to as a child.

Subjection engulfed her mind. All wonderment ceased under its capture. Rapture sealed her senses and final will vanished

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