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***NOTE: This review has some spoilers about the plot.***
I just have to keep talking about this great book! Keep in mind folks, that normally a review for me involves checking grammar and finding plot holes, then making suggestions to fix any problems. So, this is my first attempt at a "review" not an "edit" so to speak.

"Vampire Vacation" is written by the lovely C.J. Ellisson. I have not known her very long, meeting just recently through the blogosphere, but she has become a true inspiration for me. I am truely honored I was able to read this - and own a signed unproofed copy of this great work.

"Vampire Vacation" takes place in cold Alaska at a "special" getaway just for vampires. Vivian, the heroine of the story, is an older (seriously, 580 something years!) vampire that has an amazing power! Not only does she just radiate sex appeal, she can make others feel the same! I fact, she is so powerful that she can get another to climax just by thinking about it! Now, you can't tell me that is not awesome! I'm sure everyone here would have fun with an ability like that.

Well Vivian definitely has fun with her powers! As the owner and hostess of the inn, she makes sure to provide her guests with any thing (and literally any thing) they desire. Her husband, Rafe, helps run the place and entertain the guests - and is often a co-conspirator in Vivian's sexy projections.

But what will they do when a dead body turns up? Sure, it could be a vampire that got out of control with a feeding - but really? Vivian would never allow such a thing to happen in her place! What are they do to? They have guests arriving soon, plans, and schedules. Rafe is there to help clean up until they can figure out what to do.

The guests arrive and of course, Vivian just has to have a little fun with them! (The scene is so hot, I had to put the book down for a moment, to catch my breath!) But while Vivian, Rafe and the guests are all having fun and trying to enjoy their vacation, Vivian worries about the body. How did it get there? Who did it? She calls in the help of Jonathan, the resident wereworlf to help.

Jonathan's sense of smell is able to give Vivian and Rafe a key clue to who the killer is - but they are still not certain. In fact, it becomes a personal issue with Vivian because that means her 580 year old senses missed something - or messed something up years before.

As the story progresses, the tension gets thicker and the sex gets hotter! When one of the guests turns up with some memory loss, Vivian uses her mind powers to find the truth about what happened. The poor girl was abused but had no memory of the happening! It was powerful being that could do such a thing - but is that the proof Vivian needs to know what to do next?

She calls in the help of a friend, vampire by the name of Cy. He sends Asa, a body guard of sorts, with military training. Asa starts to set up a better security system in order to keep the guests - and the staff - safe.

Now, this is where I am torn whether to give away the ending or leave you in suspsense! I think I'll leave you in suspense.

I sitting on the edge of my seat as the final scenes happened. One of the staff is bitten by the mysterious killer and almost died. Vivian saved his life by turning him but it left her weakened. Her husband donated but it still wasn't enough. The other vampire guests helped her regain her strength. Then everyone - including the guests - worked out a plan to catch the killer.

Everyone spread out on the property and started hunting. Remember they are in Alaska - and night has fallen. They have to worry about the cold - for even vampires and werewolves can't survive in it forever. Finally, the start pushing the killer closer and closer to the main building of the Inn.

Vivian used her mind powers to create this powerful illusion to trap the person responsible! It was very detailed, down to the smell and how the villian reacted to the nude scene laid before him. He of course fell right into the trap!

The villian was defeated in the end - I will say that much - but I'm not going to tell you who he was, who killed him, or how! You will have to make sure you pick up a copy of this book to find out! I can tell you - it blew me out of the water!

Every detail of this book is important. The ending wrapped everything up so nicely that I felt the need to reread the book just to see if my brain had missed a detail that came about in the ending - or if I had missed a joke or sarcastic comment somewhere. While I was glad how it ended, I was a bit dissapointed - but only because I wanted to read more! I'm so glad that CJ will write a second to this! I will definitely read it!
The story was written very well - clear and concise. The characters were fantastic and very unique. I think Rafe and Drew (don't know why Drew - he was a pretty minor character really) were my favorites - although Vivian definitely was a badass! I can't express how fantastic this book was! CJ is an amazing writer and I am honored to know her!
I will let you all know when her book is out there so you can rush to go buy it! It is a great read and you won't regret the loss of sleep! I sure didn't!

(So, how did I do for my first non-edit review? Let me know if you have any pointers for this type of review because I'm clueless!)

3 Responses to ""Vampire Vacation" Review"

C.J. Ellisson Says :
May 16, 2010 at 3:49 PM

You did a great job! Thanks for the attention to detail. My only suggestion would be you might want to post in your opening that the review contains "spoilers".

Even though you didn't give away the ending (and thank you for that ;-) some readers like to be warned when a lot of the plot is revealed.

Sorry I didn't stop by yesterday to see this, I thought it was going up today. But Wow! You really did a fantastic job. And you read it twice?!? So cool. You hadn't told me that!

Thanks so much for the kind words and saying I inspire YOU. You're such a prolific writer it's a very high compliment to award to me.

The time and energy you put into these past three days of postings for me have been amazing. If there's anyway I can ever return the favor or help you in your own writing, please just let me know.

Wishing you the best -

Harley D. Palmer Says :
May 16, 2010 at 9:46 PM

I'm a prolific writer? Really? Thanks CJ! I'm actually in the mood to read it a third time! It really is a great story! I can't wait to read the second!

Well, once I am done with this rewrite for "The Faery's Tale" I do need some Beta readers so if you would like to take a read at that, it would be great. (It's High Fantasy so don't know if you're into that part of the Fantasy genre or not...)

Anyway, I am honored to get to talk about the book - I am picky about what books I talk about and yours was fantastic - so I HAD to tell people. I hope it helps you make some great sales when the time comes. Let me know when it's going out on the market and I'll make another post and all that.

C.J. Ellisson Says :
May 17, 2010 at 7:26 AM

Who could argue that 12 books at such an early age is not prolific? You need to give yourself more credit!

I used to read a lot of high fantasy for about a decade so I'm definitely familiar with the genre. I'd be happy to be a beta reader for you.

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