First Kiss Blogfest: Visions of a Kiss (or Two)

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Okay, this is technically supposed to be posted tomorrow but it is also the Murder Scene Blogfest so I am putting this one up here today!

Also, according to my schedule, it should have been Fantasy Friday. When have you ever known me to follow a schedule!? Exactly.

Here we go! This scene is the first kiss between Letarri and Etharas, and it's Letarri's first kiss ever too! (Of course, from "The Faery's Tale") Enjoy!

And as a note, a few scenes before this one, all their clothes burned so they had to buy new ones that are a bit - unmodest. Letarri is in something like a genie would wear and Etharas basically is just wearing pants! So...


She did not have time to scream when a strong hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alley. She was thrown against the wooden walls of the building. She kept her eyes tightly shut, frozen in fear. She felt the being place its hands on the wall, his arms right next to her head.

"Why are you following me, little faeya?" she heard the harsh whisper.

She peaked through one eye to see Etharas smiling at her. She let out the breath she was holding and sagged against the wall.

"What, uh, what makes you think I was following you?"

"I can read your thoughts," his voice echoed in her head.

Her eyes widened in shock. "All of them?" she whispered. She was more embarassed than shocked. Her own brother was telepathic so hearing his voice in her head did not bother her. It was the fact that she had been thinking of him all day - and he definitely knew it.

"All the time," he whispered back.

Their faces were mere inches apart. She could feel the heat radiating off his body. Him so close made it hard for her to think. The lamp from the street cast a shadow over his face but she could see the devilish gleam in his eyes. She wished she could read his mind, to know what he was going to do next.

"All the time? What am I thinking now?"

"You think I'm dangerous." The look in his eyes almost proved her point. "And you like it."

She giggled nervously. Her vision flashed in her mind of him kissing her, a deep demanding kiss that left her wanting the real thing.

"That's not fair," she breathed. "Filling my head with visions like that. It's not nice."

He smiled but the look of innocence was lost. "I think you thought of that all by yourself, little faeya."

She giggled again and tried to back away, forgetting she was already against the wall. Etharas still had her pinned by his arms on both sides of her head. She could easily duck under his arm and run, but her feet would not cooperate.

"I...I've never kissed any one before," she admitted.

His head jerked back, a shocked expression on his face. Slowly his mischievious smile returned. Before Letarri could blink, he leaned in closer, his lips touching hers in a feather light kiss.

Letarri whimpered, wanting more. He did not hold back as he pressed a demanding kiss to her lips.


He had only meant to tease her a little but when she whimpered, he could not stop himself. He forgot about proper etiquette and merely followed his instincts.

He ran his fingers through her air, enjoying the feel of the silken strands. Her hands timidly moved up his bare chest to his shoulders. Goosebumps raised on his flesh as her arms wrapped around his neck. He forgot where they were, lost in the intoxicating kiss.

Reality came flooding back to him, when someone grabbed his hair and pulled him backwards. He tried to fight back but he was thrown to the ground. Letarri was thrown down next to him and their hands were tied behind their back.

"You are under arrest for prostitution," a male faery said.


Aren't I so mean to my characters? Can't let them have a first kiss in peace! Mwahahah!

Oh! And look at that! It's actually a short entry! Woot!

9 Responses to "First Kiss Blogfest: Visions of a Kiss (or Two)"

sarahjayne smythe Says :
April 9, 2010 at 8:11 AM

OMG! I loved this. And I so did not see that last line coming. :)

Harley D. Palmer Says :
April 9, 2010 at 1:54 PM

Yea Sarah, I love that part. It gets even spicer between these two later on in the story and I have way too much fun torturing them!

Ann Elle Altman Says :
April 9, 2010 at 2:55 PM

That was wonderfully written. I should read more written work by blog writers. For some reason, I often skip these posts. Not anymore.


Harley D. Palmer Says :
April 9, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Ann, I never thought I would get into these blogfests but as you can see, I have become pretty much obsessed! They are great fun!

Dawn Embers Says :
April 9, 2010 at 8:40 PM

Very nice! I'd still call it long, but it's short for a Harley post, lol. ;-)

I find it even more interesting since I've met some of your characters. The last line came as a surprise but it's very amusing.

I need to find writer's like you for a crit group. My last one would have exed the end of that just because it was someone else's point of view. Hard to do multiples when the people in the group seem to have forgetting the existence of everything being one main character pov.

Harley D. Palmer Says :
April 9, 2010 at 9:17 PM

Dawn - Well that is actually the middle of the chapter. So the entire first part was her POV and the second half was his. I try not to switch around too much, but I really do think it's important to get into more than one characters head.

I need to find a crit group too! Just haven't found the right group of folks I guess! I'm about to start paying people to read my novel!

Iapetus999 Says :
April 10, 2010 at 12:57 PM

That will teach them!
get a room!

Nice job!

Harley D. Palmer Says :
April 10, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Hah! I know Andrew! It's quite funny! I'm having so much fun torturing these two characters!

Melissa Dean Says :
April 10, 2010 at 6:05 PM

Okay, Hailey...I loved this! It was sooooooooooo good!!! Thanks for participating today! I posted mine on the blog, check it out when you have a minute!

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