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Okay, the last section of the sketch sheet is really simple.

Misc Notes

Here include any extra information you might need to know about the character that you couldn't fit into the other points of the sketch.

If you recall on Monday when I talked about Character Roles and I mentioned having a Main Hero and a Side Hero? I use this area to explain what book in the series the character's role comes into play.

So for Farien that I said was a "Side Hero" - his Misc Note looks like this:

Hero (H) "Precipice of Hostility" Book 3
Side Character (SC) "Burden of Prophecy" Book 1 and "Vestige of Passion" Book 4

Where as Drache's (Main Hero) looks like this:

Main Hero (MH) "Burden of Prophecy" Book 1 and "Vestige of Passion" Book 4
Main Character (MC) "Tutelage of Mortality" Book 2

I can hear some of you going "What? I don't get it" But I know what it all means, and that's what counts right? *laugh*Basically all those notes do is help remind who's POV I'm working with and when. I'm in Farien's POV in Book 3 and in Drache's in Books 1 and 4.

You can use this space for whatever you like, this is just what I use it for as I make only one character sketch that covers the entire series. You don't have to do this and I know many authors who say you should update/write new sketches for each book in a series, even if you use the same characters. Whatever way works best for you. I just find it easier to have ONE sketch to refer to, especially since I write multiple novels at one time.


Now, once the sketch is done, I head over to my trusty avatar maker and make an image of the character! It's a lot of fun and honestly, I waste SO many hours playing with the avatar maker.

The main one I use is Doll Wizard but I also use Candybar Doll Maker. I posted the Doll Wizard version of Drache's picture below for you. Below that is Rosyani's avatar I made with Candybar. I prefer Doll Wizard as it looks less anime-ish, but both are really fun to play with.

Doll Wizard

Candybar Doll Maker

4 Responses to "Character Sketch Breakdown - Misc Notes"

Anonymous Says :
September 12, 2010 at 1:12 AM

Good idea about avatar making. I'll consider it. I already do character sketches, and perhaps this will make them more real in my mind.

Elizabeth Mueller Says :
October 2, 2010 at 11:25 PM

So cute! I love to draw my MCs... I'm worried about you! It's as if you've dropped off the face of the planet! Are you in bootcamp right now or something? Please get with me as soon as soon as you can!


Anastasia V. Pergakis Says :
October 4, 2010 at 1:27 AM

Thanks for worrying about me Elizabeth! No, the Guard didn't pan out so I won't be leaving for Bootcamp at all - ever. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Thanks for the email though - it's nice to know that people miss me when I don't make blog posts or facebook updates!

J.Rose Allister Says :
October 12, 2010 at 2:59 AM

Great post...I've been doing some personal work on diving into characters this month, so the timing was perfect!

Believe it or not I've used The Sims game to create characters. In fact, I've actually "played" the characters to help plot out a story. My latest release BEWITCHING LOVE was completely outlined and played out in that virtual world two years before I wrote the book.

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