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Today, I have the honored privilege to interview F. D. Davis (aka Dyanne Davis). She is a multi-published author and I am giddy with delight to be able to ask her a few questions! I met her during an online conference at I moderated a workshop she presented about writing a series. It was a fantastic few days and she taught me so much. But, I'll let you read about how great she is!

Dyanne, tell us a little about yourself.

YOU do know asking an author to tell you a little about themselves could become an entire book right? LOL. Okay, seriously, let me see if I can shorten this up a bit. I'll start with this because it's almost here. I was born Sept 1. For some reason I've always liked the date, being Virgo it makes perfect sense. I am married to William Davis Sr. We will have been married 40 years Dec. 1. We have one son, William Davis Jr. We're both still overly protective of him. No grand-kids, no pets. I retired from nursing a decade ago after Bill suggested I take a couple of years off to devote to writing. Our deal was two years off, no contract return to work. Two years passed, no contract and I was ready to fulfill my part of the bargain. Bill told me to keep trying. I did and a year later I had my first contract. My old office still has me on as PRN. That's so I can still go to all of the functions that the reps takes the office to. They've even asked a couple of times if I want to fill in and I laugh. I no longer have the energy it takes to work in a super busy pediatrician office, nor do I want to. But that just goes to show that all of my friends still think of me as Dyanne the nurse, not Dyanne the author.

Forty years! Wow. That’s amazing. With such a great career in nursing, what made you decide to become a writer?

I've been reading since I was four. I think every avid reader wants to become a writer.

I think you may be right there. Who inspires you to write?

My characters inspire me. There have been many times in this second career of mine when I've wanted to chuck it all. Writing is the easy part it's what comes after that you have to brace yourself for. I'd also say the very nice and most wanted letters and emails I receive from readers saying that my words touched them inspire me on the days I want to quit.

It is great to have fans and I can’t wait to get those same emails. How has your life changed since you've been published?

My day to day life hasn't changed. There are some things about the industry that I've learned that I attempt to pass on to anyone who will listen. My real writing dream has been fulfilled to a certain extent. I always wanted my book to be in the library. They are. The day I checked my first book out of my local library was the greatest feeling in the world. It surpassed when I got my author copies in my hands or went to my first book signing. It was the library. I do a lot of school programs and talk at a lot of libraries. I almost lived in the library when I was a kid. I want to pass that love of reading along.

How long does it take for you to write a book and what is your schedule like when writing?

I can write a complete first draft in 2-3 months. When the story is really flowing I can do it in 6 weeks. My schedule is very fluid. I turn on the computer about 3a.m. and get off about 7 p.m. But...I'm doing the daily living things in between. Cooking, cleaning, making sure Bill who's now retired doesn't' feel neglected, going to the store, out for lunch, out for ice cream. All of that. So I can't say I have a set schedule like before Bill retired. I will tell you that since we had planned for that day I wrote like a demon finishing up second and third drafts of books that were later published and a few that I have yet to publish. I knew I needed to stockpile my work for the times when my entire day couldn't' be devoted to JUST writing. Bill and Billy and the two most important people in my life. Writing for me is not my number one priority, they are.

Yes, family should come first. It’s great that you have found a balance. I’m struggling with that myself at the moment. Do you character plot and outline a great deal or do you write on the fly?

I totally write on the fly. Or rather I'm saying now that I'm a straddler, meaning I'm in the middle. I have a vampire series and was forced to plot somewhat. I have other series in mind and will definitely do a Dyanne kind of outline.

I would love to learn what a “Dyanne king of outline” really is. Do you have a critique group, editor, or do you self-edit?

I don't really have a critique group. There are people I trust to be honest and have asked to read something before sending it in to my editor. Generally I don't do that. I've worked on fifteen books with the same editor and have learned quite a bit. I can find holes in plots very easily and know how to fix them. I've also become adapt at cutting away the fat. No longer is every single word I put down on paper considered untouchable.

Fifteen books with the same editor? Wow. I hope I can have such a great relationship with my editor. What is the hardest part of writing you've struggled with?

Since I've been published I've learned a great lesson, reading is extremely subjective and access to the internet tends to bring out the worst in people. I was very green when my first book came out. Though I was a member of my RWA chapter and warned, I was extremely disheartened after a string of glowing reviews to get some that were so vile that I seriously wanted to give up writing. I never knew people could be so mean and say such personal and nasty things without regards to a person’s feelings. I consider myself a nice person and one with manners. I'm very big on following, The Golden Rule. Born in the heart of The Bible Belt, I wouldn't have dreamed of ever deliberately hurting someone. Though that book won a major award and I still get letters from readers telling me how much they loved that book and how many times they've read it and cried over the same passages, that victory still remains a little tainted for me.

Even though it's been years and many books I think having to have a tough skin is still the part that I struggle with. I continued writing because of Bill. That man really is my hero and I love him a zillion times more today than the day I first knew that I loved him. He makes me laugh every day and the struggles of writing stay where they should be in my life, about number fifteen in order of importance.

I’m glad that your husband supports you so well. All writers need support. Thanks so much Dyanne for taking the time to answer my questions! It was wonderful having you with us today. If any of my readers would like to contact Dyanne, you can find her around the web at:

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