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Author F.D. Davis (aka Dyanne Davis) is joining me again today to talk about her book "In the Beginning". She graced me with a personalized, autographed copy of this book and the sequal that follows! Now, I must go out and buy the third of the series as I am really into this story! Instead of me babbling on about how I like this book, I'll let Dyanne tell you about it!

To begin, give us a few stats about the book first - genre, word count, publisher, agent, editor, etc.

In The Beginning has been classified from urban fiction, speculative fiction, paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance. There is no HEA, so technically it isn't a romance. The book was published by Parker Publishing, word count, a little over 111,000. The agent was Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary Agency. The editor (Thank God and after much begging and pleading for her to freelance for Parker) was Sidney Rickman. Actually I had it put into my contract that Sidney would be my only editor.

That is great that you were able to keep your editor. So, tell the blog readers a little pitch about In the Beginning, please.

Adam Omega is a man on a mission. Make that a vampire. Having lived a thousand years Adam has mastered the sun and lives his life as a mortal man. Rich beyond his wildest dreams, he seeks to bring his kind into the light without fear to taste the sun to not need the tainted blood of humans to survive. To his chagrin his kind fears his life and fears Adam.

A lingering memory of love is reawakened when Adam spots Eve. A lingering memory of anger is burned into existence when he discovers the truth. The soul of his long dead Eyanna now resides in the body of Eve.

Eve’s quest for a more spiritual life is fueled by dreams that she can’t quite remember. She’s running from evil and runs straight into the path of a vampire that desire her. Her only hope appears in the form of Sullivan, another vampire that wants Eve to help destroy Adam.

As Eve’s soul realigns with her forgotten memories her past love for Adam is reawakened. Will her desire to remain mortal save her from the life Adam wants to force on her. Will Adam, a true Immortal care? He is not looking for redemption, his will is the only will he follows. For a thousand years nothing has been denied him. Will the desires of a woman who betrayed him stand in the way of his plans?

How did the idea for the novel come to you?

Well meaning friends thought I was going to hell for writing romance novels (not even erotica) I decided to see what they would think if I wrote about a vampire, naturally he had to confront them in the churches since that's where I was being called out at.

Interesting. I wondered where the idea for that came from. Did you know ahead of time it was the beginning of a series or did you figure that out later?

It was later.

What or who was the inspiration for the characters Eve, Adam and Sullivan?

Adam and Eve were both some part of my psyche. Sullivan was an innocent.

Many of my characters seem to be a part of me too. If you wouldn't mind providing an excerpt from the novel to share.

This is a scene taken from when Eve made a deal with Adam then reneged and ran away to Amsterdam.

A moment of regret claimed her for all that she had lost. She had been unable to tell her friends or family of her decision to leave, unable to quit her job. To do any of those things would have given Adam a way to find her.

She could not and would not be in love with a vampire. Adam had awakened her body to powerful feelings that threaten to overtake her when she was with him. He’s a vampire, he’s a vampire had become her constant mantra. She had been forced to get away.

She had been exploring the streets all afternoon. Now, as darkness settled around her, she paused, knowing it was time she returned to her hotel. For one thing, free dinner was included with the price of her room and she needed to save wherever she could. She looked around and realized she’d lost her bearings. She’d been thinking too much as she walked.

Turning, she looked in the opposite direction. None of the stores or buildings looked familiar. Don’t panic, Eve admonished herself. At that moment strong hands reached out and grabbed her viciously. She screamed, more in anger than fear, thinking it was Adam.
When a hand clamped over her mouth and the man pulled her kicking and trying her best to scream into an alley, she knew from the mushy feel of his body that it wasn’t Adam. She bit down on his fingers and he let go, only to punch her in the face.

“Do that again, bitch, and I’ll kill you,” the man snarled, whipping out a knife and pressing it against her throat. He nicked her and Eve felt blood trickle from the wound.

Damn, she thought, trying to think of a way to get away alive and unmolested. He began pulling at her clothes. “Stop,” she rasped, “stop!” She tried to push him away. The knife bit into her skin again.

“Stand still, bitch.”

“Take your hands off the lady.”

Adam. At the sound of his voice Eve went limp. Adam. Thank God, he’d followed her.

“She’s mine, Mac. You want to share her for a price maybe that can be arranged.”

“First off, I don’t share,” Adam stated matter-of-factly. “Second, she’s not yours, she’s mine.”

“Get the hell out of here or I’ll slice her face into ribbons.”

“Let her go and I might let you live. You touch her again with that blade and I will rip out your heart,” Adam said calmly, not moving.

Eve was hoping that the mere sound of Adam’s voice would be enough to put the fear of God into the man, make him turn her loose, but it wasn’t. He pressed the cold blade to her cheek and she cringed as the knife sliced into it.

Her eyes were on Adam. But he wasn’t looking at her, only at the man holding her. She saw the purple gaze turn red with rage. She shuddered as awareness of what was about to happen filled her.

This fool holding her would die tonight. Without a doubt Adam would do as he’d said. She felt the fool’s hand pawing again at her, rough, reaching into her pants.
And then she didn’t.

Eve was free. She turned slightly, enough to see the man standing behind her. He stood there staring for a moment at her. His eyes were filled with fear, then nothing. The eyes were dead. The man’s heavy weight dropped to the ground. Her eyes went to Adam. He held the man’s heart in his hand; blood dripped between his fingers.

Adam’s eyes narrowed when he looked toward her and Eve began to shake uncontrollably. Then he fell on the man’s body, clawing away at his neck, sinking his fangs into the flesh. The sight turned Eve’s stomach and she knew she was going to be ill.
God help her! Eve screamed when Adam turned to face her with blood on his lips. She moved back against the wall, almost tripping over the dead man’s feet.

“Oh God,” Eve moaned over and over, “this can’t be happening.” She screamed again.

“Stop that infernal racket,” Adam commanded.

“You killed him.”

“Of course I killed him. What did you want me to do with him?”

Eve didn’t want to look at Adam. “You killed him,” she repeatedly weakly.

In the Beginning is available at all major bookstores, as well as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other internet sites.

Thanks for being with us for another day Dyanne. I'm delighted to have you visit me here! If my blog readers would like to learn more about this book or even talk to the famed vampire, Adam Omega himself, you can visit the following places:

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