Deleted Scene - Drache's Dream

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This is my deleted scene for Deleted Scenes Week

This scene was in the first draft of "The Faery's Tale" but I took it out when I completely rewrote the beginning. Here it is! I hope you enjoy! I actually might put it back in as the feelings Drache has about it still apply...hrmm...

Drache's Dream

Drache awoke to find himself lying in a field. He sat up and surveyed his new surroundings. How did he get here from his cave?

"Where am I?"

The place had a calmness about it that eased the nervous feeling he had about being in a new place. He sat in a field of full of flowers, every flower he could imagine. Butterflies flittered carelessly about. A slight breezed ruslted the trees. Bumblebees came new him but they did not sting him. Bunny rabbits chased each other through the tall grass and birds could be heard singing their happy songs. It was a paradise. Drache had never seen any thing so beautiful in his life.

"Drache. Drache!" a voice echoed.

Drache stood. "Who are you? Where are you? Show yourself!" He looked in every direction but could not see anyone near.

"I am every thing and I am every where," the voice replied.

He looked around again but still saw no one. It was as if the grass was talking to him. He stared to walk towards a huge oak tree when he noticed something else in the distance. He climbed the oak tree to see if he could get a better look.

There was a large lake with an island covered in roses in the middle of the still water. Standing in the midst of the roses, was a female, he guessed. It was hard to tell from the distance. The creatures hair was long and black. The breeze picked it up and whirled it around the creature's face.

"What is this place?" he whispered.

"This is my world," the voice answered.

Drache rolled his eyes. Drache sensed he need to meet this creature. He took flight from the branches of the tree but fell quickly to the ground.

"You cannot fly here, Drache."

"Yes, thank you," he muttered.

He stood, brushed himself off and slowly made his way toward the lake. Once he reached the water's edge, he took in the sight of the beautiful creature.

She wore a pale green dress with sleeves that hung down to her ankles. Her dark green cloak fluttered behind her. Her black hair, with white streaks, covered her face. Every thing about the creature shimmered, even her feet. He noticed that while she had beautiful wings, they did not move. Yet, she was floating in mid air a few inches above the ground.

A bridge appeared in front of him. He was hesitant to cross at first. He did not want to frighten her away. He took one step then another and slowly made his way across the bridge. Once his feet were in the soft ground on the other side, she held her hand out to him.

He still could not see her face clearly but he did see her emerald green eyes. They shone with such wisdom that Drache suddenly felt small standing in front of her.

"Who are you?" When the voice did the answer, Drache tried again. "Why is she here?"

"She is looking for you."

"Looking for me? Why?"

She still held her hand out to him. He was fascinated by her. Why did she not speak? Was she mute? Or was she telepathic and she was the voice in he heard?

"If you want to know, simply take her hand."

Drache reached out with a tembling hand. The moment his hand touched the soft skin of her palm, everything around him began to fade.

"Wait! I do not wish to go! It is so peaceful here!"

"Wake up please," the creature said. "You must."

He tried desperately to hold on to the dream. Something told him to grab a rose but he was not sure why. The last thing he saw was her sparkling emerald eyes.

Drache opened his eyes and found himself back in his cave. He looked into the same green eyes he had just seen fade away.

"Why do you haunt me so?" he whispered.

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